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+7 (495) 651-92-62 +7 (495) 651...show

Call monday through friday, from 09:00 to 19:00Call monday through friday,
from 09:00 to 19:00


About company

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"Independent Stage Company "Aksioma" LLC is one of the biggest providers of services on technical provision of events with stage equipment at the market of cultural events in Russia.

Main business areas of our company include leasing stage equipment and its maintenance; execution of projects of any complexity and scope. "ISC "Aksioma" LLC performs a complex execution of technical support of events for special Customers and Partners.

The Company uses in its work only professional stage equipment of famous foreign manufacturers certified in Russia:

  • LAYHER (Germany);
  • PROLYTE PRODUCTS (Holland): Prolyte Structures, Prolyte StageDex, ProLyft;
  • HERAS (Netherlands);
  • ZND (Poland);
  • CHAINMASTER (Germany);
  • YALE lift (Germany);
  • MILOS (Czech Republic).

We construct all kind of temporary stage structures for various events:

  • private and corporate events;
  • fashion shows;
  • presentations, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, forums, congresses, trainings;
  • concerts, festivals;
  • sport events;
  • municipal events.

"Independent Stage Company "Aksioma" LLC rents out various stage complexes, mobile stages, all kinds of display platforms and car display platforms, stages, stages with roof, structures for decoration and ads, mobile barriers (fences, fan-barriers and force barriers), stands with different seats, means of support of light, audio and video equipment, portals, trusses, upper truss perimeters (grounds), stair flights, towers and control rooms, bearing walls, electric equipment for lifting and support and so on.

Our exclusive stage capabilities:

  • Sixtema Classic with backlight RGB innovative mobile glossy transparent stages, podiums and auto podiums capable to bear distributed loading up to 1000 kg/m².
  • Prolyte CT unsupported span elevator roof with up to 30 m height unsupported span, 17 m height of sizes up to 30 х 100 m with a total area of 3000 m².
  • Prolyte round non-rotative and rotary auto podiums, stages and podiums Ø 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 m.
  • Prolyte ring-type trusses Ø 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 21 m.
  • Stage structures flooring total area for LAYHER – type systems amounts to over 10 000 m².
  • Stage structures flooring total area for PROLYTE amounts to over 2 000 m².
  • Total area of quick and easy-to mount ground support"- type pavilions with maximum main span width of 12 m amounts to over 2000 m².
  • Total area of stage LAYHER – type scaffolding total area of various applications amounts to over 20 000 m³.
  • The total amount of the spectator stands no more than 10 seats 000 seats, with the seats over 2000 seats;
  • The total volume of fences ( fences, fanbarerov and Maggio) 3500 linear meters;
  • Maximum possible quantity of the on a turnkey basis independent autonomous sets amounts to over 30 pieces.
  • Total amount of rigging crews is over 30.

All technical staff completed professional training and has certificates, permits for all kinds of works including working at height.

We are faithful to our policy: stability and reliability, quality, professionalism and expert knowledge, partnership and individual approach to every Customer.

We consider all persons who turn to us not only as desired customers but first of all as equal partners. We do not divide our services into primary and secondary. One of the main priorities of our work is a respectful and attentive approach to our customers and partners regardless of their social position.

We are sure that cooperating with us you will be able to arrange an affecting event at the highest level!

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