Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012"
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Call monday through friday, from 09:00 to 19:00Call monday through friday,
from 09:00 to 19:00


Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012"


Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012"

Moscow, Staryi Arbat

On this day, second of September 2012, Muscovites and guests celebrated the foundation date of the capital and visited the traditional Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012" named "Turning over the leaves of history!" dedicated to the year of the Russian History.

Libraries who participated in the festival prepared interesting and fascinating programs – meetings with distinguished people, competitions, quizzes, master-classes, video travels and many others.

The festival invited the following performance:

  • An amazing singer with a peculiar voice , a soloist of project "Pesni nashego veka", laureate of All-union and Moscow art song festivals, member of the jury of Grushinsky festival, Moscow born Galina Khomchik;
  • People`s artist of Russia, a singer living in the Moscow central administrative district Irina Miroshnichenko;
  • Laureate of International and All-Russian art song competition Natalya Kucher;
  • People pop ensemble "Variatziya" headed by Honored Artist of RF Olga Semenovna Karaseva;
  • Dancing group "Eteriya" headed by Galina Krapivina "Moscow";
  • Soloist of the State Academy Theatre of Moscow operetta Andrey Aleksandrin;
  • Dancing group "Eteriya" headed by Galina Krapivina "Kadril";
  • Life Size Doll Theatre "Balagan";
  • Popular singers performing in the musical-information portal "Runet Star";
  • Ceremony masters – Dmitry Shestakov and Ekaterina Parkhomenko.

Reading Festival: "reading Arbat – 2012" was visited by the official persons:

  • Deputy Head of Moscow culture department – Olga Vladimirovna Grishina;
  • Prefect of Moscow Central Administrative Disrict – Sergey Lvovich Baidakov;
  • Vice- prefect of Moscow Central Administrative Disrict – Aleksandr Vladimironich Litoshin;
  • State Duma deputy – Nikolai Nikolayevich Gonchar;
  • Moscow city Duma deputy – Inna Yurievna Svyatenko;
  • Head of Culture Administration of TsAO, Honored Artist Worker of Culture of RF (Russian Federation) – Romuald Romualdovich Krylov-Iodko;
  • Arbat District Administration Head – Nelli Fedorovna Cherkasova.

Famous Moscow Libraries took part in the Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012":

  • A. S Pushkin Central Library;
  • A.S. Griboedov Central Library;
  • N.A. Dobrolyubov Central Library;
  • D.V.Davydov Central Library;
  • A. N. Radishcev Central Children Library;
  • V.O. Klyuchevsky Central Library;
  • Prefect TsAO Library;
  • Library "Dom А.F. Loseva";
  • Library of the Ukrainian literature;
  • Library- reading hall named after I.S. Turgenev;
  • Art library named after А.P. Bogolyubov;
  • A.P. Chekhov Library;
  • S. M. Einstein Film library.

It was already the fourth Reading festival held on Stary Arbat. "Dom А.F. Losev", Library of Russian philosophy and culture history supported by the Prefecture of Central Administration District of the regional Culture and Municipal Council Administration of Arbat district have hosted ‘Reading with the family” action.

Another action "Muscovite’s book shelf" - you may call it a social interview, during which the visitors were offered to write the name of the favorite author or a book, which are a must on each family book shelf, on a sheet of paper . After that these sheets of paper were to be glued on the painted shelf creating this way the image of the most irreplaceable and key books every home library of a muscovite should have.

Then the winners of the quizzes and competitions were awarded with prizes at the closing ceremony.

LLC "Independent Stage Company "AKSIOMA" executed in fully scope the technical provision of the event – Reading Festival "Reading Arbat – 2012":

  • Three outdoor LED screens of 3,6 m х 2,7 m with all the attachments required;
  • Shooting was done with three video cameras by the way of modern camera crane of Sachtler System CamCrane EFP OB 2000 with simultaneous broadcasting to three vide screens;
  • Recording, processing and film editing;
  • A few heavy - duty suspension walls were erected for hanging video screens, control room and various stage podiums.
Video of this project is available here

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