Sixtema mobile podiums
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Sixtema mobile podiums

Sixtema transparent auto podiums

are unique mobile and quick-and easy to mount auto podiums with glossy stage surface of absolute transparency. Sixtema Classic transparent stage is based on extendable aluminum supports, the so called structures, with standard heights of 0, 2 m, 0, 4 m and 0, 6 m. These structures can be modulated up to 3, 0 m height with the help of the specific fasteners along with retaining their strength.

Sixtema Classic stage system base module represents power structure to be assembled from 60/60T.5 special anodized aluminum alloy tubes. The specific components applied in this alloy provide for an anti-corrosion feature. Stage system modules consisting of Sixtema Classic stage transparent boards and aluminum structures to be mounted and increased by height via specific patented fixtures – special-purposed connectors.

Sixtema Classic brand products offer versatile colors to highlight the transparent podiums and stages enabling to develop truly grandiose show-installations. Glossy transparent stage surface highlighting can be static and dynamic, monochrome or RGB, all depending on your creativity and demands. We will develop a customized system of transparent stage surface of any size and configuration, highlighting included.

Sixtema Classic transparent stage rent advantages:

  • Innovative product and exclusive design.
  • Uniqueness of the transparent glossy glassy stage surface for Russia.
  • Mobility.
  • Quick and easy to mount and demount, time and resource saving.
  • Absolutely transparent stage surface providing for highlighting both of the stage surfaces itself and its structures.
  • Up to 1000 kg/sq.m. bearing capacity allows using glossy Sixtema Classic podiums as transparent auto podiums.
  • Up to 3 m stage height retaining the structural efficiency.
  • Portability and convenience of transportation, storage, assembly/disassembly.
  • Light-weight construction due to special aluminum alloy appliance for manufactured.
  • Visual appeal and unique design to add a spice and flavor to your event.

Sixtema Classic mobile podiums sphere of usage is particularly broad: show business, public events, corporate events, fashion shows, presentations, auto shows, workshops, conferences, forums, congresses, trainings, concerts, festivals, sports events, municipal activities.

Our stage equipment farm includes Sixtema Classic transparent stage boards of two standard sizes: 2 х 1 m and 1 х 1 m. The weight of 2 х 1 m transparent stage board is 40 kg, and of 1 х 1m – 20,7 kg.